Tea Café

The entire top floor is a tea cafe. Visitors are able to enjoy the pure pleasure in a cup and feel the fine art of tea tasting at the Tea Tasting Session arranged at the tea cafe.

A panoramic view of Kandy city surrounded by the beautiful Hunnasgiriya, Knuckles range & Mathale range of hills can be viewed through a telescope mounted on the top floor.

A documentary of the Ceylon tea industry (history, working factory, & health benefits of tea) runs in a LED panel mounted on the tea cafe area.

Tea Tasting Session

The fine art of tea tasting;

The art of tea tasting is an acquired and highly prized skill. It is also consider as a “black art”, where decisions are often made on the basis of distinctions imperceptible to an untrained palate. A well-trained tea taster can detect differences between teas picked from a single estate. Climate, elevation & soil determine the variation of tea and can be detected in the flavor.

On the other hand, blended teas are made to produce a consistent character that does not vary with each month. Such blends have to be recreated week after by blending the teas purchased at the week’s tea auction. This process too requires skill. All the tea produced in Sri Lanka is assessed by expert tasters and teas are required to confirm ISO 3720 standards. No tea without this certification can be exported from the country.

Steps in Tea Tasting

  1. Tea is always tasted standing up
  2. The tea sample is infused in boiling water
  3. The infusion is inspected, taking into account the color, aroma, clarity and body
  4. The tea taster takes the infusion into his mouth with loud sucking sound which mixes infusion with oxygen, letting it travel over his tongue and palate to assess freshness, sharpness, bouquet, and fullness.

Tea Sales Outlets

Tea Sales Outlets, where a selection of fine Ceylon teas are available. Visitors are able to purchase the reputed brands of Pure Ceylon Teas such as Sri Lanka Tea Board teas, Tea Tang, Basilur, Impra, Mlesna, Zesta, etc,. & souvenirs related to tea.